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Hi girls!My name is Kiara. I'm a Christian teenager. I love my family and friends. I'm not sure what to blog about so please give me some ideas!!

Hi girls! I'm back with a fun post for you all! Today I'm going to be listing a few of my favorite songs and tell me if you have heard of them before. 

 1. My God is Near.                                                                          2.Amazing Grace.                                                                      3. What wondrous love is this.                                               4. Wonderful Grace of Jesus.                                                   Hope you all enjoyed! See you Tuesday for my weekly post!

Hi girls! I know Tuesday is my blogging day but since I accidentally deleted it the last time  .  I'm going to rewrite it and add new stuff to it. This will be your weekly post instead. So I will not be posting anything tommorow or the rest of the week. Anyhow, onto the post. I know it's not Thanksgiving but we should thank God everyday . Im going to be listing 4 things I'm thankful for. First of all, I'm thankful for my salvation. I'm thankful that God saved me at a young age. Second, my family. I have the best parents and siblings. Third, Im thankful for my home. I'm thankful I have a home to live in and last but not least , my health. I'm thankful I'm healthy. What 4 things are you thankful for??? Please share them with me.♥️.                             In Christ,.                                                                                                Kiara 

 Hi girls! I am pleased that I'm doing a guest post with my good friend Rachel. So here she is. Hello ! my name is Rachel, and I blog over at www.Joyfulcreationsblog.com. I'm a Christian teen that loves God, my family , running, swimming, and writing.Ive met so many people through blogging and I'm so excited to meet all of Kiaras readers! Kiara won the COVID _ 19  Spring  challenge on my blog so I'm writing this guest post on her blog.   ( Seriously I just want to meet all of you so comment below and join the conversation ).Congratulations Kiara and thank you for inviting me onto your blog!! I hope this article will speak to you all in a special way. Today I'm writing on joyfulness and gratitude_ things people aren't thinking much about in quarantine. I have learned interesting things about joy that might surprise you. Enjoy the article!                                                                                  " Ugh God why did you give me this? Are you sure you did this right? My plan made more sense, and I just don't like your plan.".                                                                                                     We may not complain out loud, but many of our attitudes about quarintine may be revealing ungrateful hearts. When Kiara asked me to write about joyfulness, gratitude was the first thing that came to mind. We often think of joyfulness as constant happiness, and because our  wrong definition of joy we think it is unttainable. " How do we rejoice at all times"?  Do we have to walk around with a fake smile plastering our face? No, of course not. While joyfulness is similar to happiness , it could be described as contentment with God's plan. When we're content , were also at peace with God.Joyfulness means well we content with whatever God sends our way, good or bad. Joyfulness comes from a heart that humbly trusts God and is thankful for everything He sees fit to give it or take away. Joyfulness starts with gratitude.


     1 Thessalonians 5 : 16_ 18                                                            " Rejoice always , pray without ceasing , in all circumstances ; for this is the will in Christ Jesus for you".                                       I recently started reading a book titled Hinds Feet in Hind Places. It's a beautiful allegory of how God saved us and makes Him more like Himself.The main character Much_ Afraid learns many lessons before she arrives at the High places. The first lesson she learns is Acceptance- with Joy. Accepting God's plan for us is essential to having a  relationship with Him. When we truly accept God's will, and       thank Him for it, joy will follow.                                                          Gratitude is difficult for me. I can say " thank you " all day with my heart still complaining. In truth, I realized I cannot ever have a grateful heart- not without Jesus.Imoftenselfish and wake up hoping the day will be to  MY liking.I pray for myselfand work for myself at least that was me before  Jesus stepped in.Gratitude is not valued much by the world. We  might be thankful for thethings we like, but the disposition ofthanksgiving isn't natural.On the other hand, God values gratitude highly and punishes complaing. We can onlyhave grateful  hearts if Jesus helps and guides us.                       God takes gratitude and complaining very seriously . The Israelites werepunished  by  deadly sicknesses when they complained  ( Num. 21:6 ), we are commanded to stand out from the world's complaing (Phil. 2:14-15), and Jesus often thanked God before performing miracles ( feeding the five thousand , raising  Lazarus from the dead). Since God values gratitude in this way, I amconfident He will give His children grateful hearts. We ask in faith, and God will be faithful to guide and strengthen us.                                                          Gratitude also comes from a heart that knows and trusts God.   

  Whenever I have a consistent time with God, I always feel more confident and secure. When I get to know God, I love Him more, and see how trustworthy He is.                                         Christianity isn't just about obeying and following rules ; it's a relationship.                            .                                                                  Following God means you get to know the Creator of the  world. And from a heart that knows God comes a heart that trusts Him. And from a heart that trusts Him, we will get a thankful heart.                                                                                                            Let's pursue joy by pursuing God.   Ask God today to help you trust Him and thank Him for everything.                                          Quarantine isn't fun,but God has a plan for it all. We can trust Him, thank Him for it ( and in the midst of it),and find joy in the middle of the chaos. Will you join me?                                            Let's talk!

         How are you learning to trust God during difficult situations?                                                                                           P.S. If youre struggling to get to know God but don't know how, check out this article on my blog: https. Joyful Creations blog how to read God's word consistently 3- 20-19.                       Final thoughts from Kiara.                                                                I hope you enjoyed Rachel's post as much as I did. Don't forget to check out her blog it's awesome!!!!! 

Hi girls! I was wondering if you all had a specific topic or topics on modesty or joy that you wanted me to post on. If you do please let me know.                                                                       In Christ,                                                                                             Kiara 

Hi girls! This past week my blog turned a week old. It's hard to believe that I've been blogging for a week on this blog. You all are amazing!!!!💕💕💕💕

Hi girls! I'm back with another post for you all! This post is about trusting in God during hard times. Proverbs 3:5-6 are two verses that encouraged me during hard times . This is what the verses say , " Trust in the Lord , with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thine ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths." These are such wonderful verses that can be an encouragement to us during difficult times! It can be really hard to trust in God but we should try to . That's something I've learned.😊 I hope you all have a good day stay safe!💕💕💕💕.                                       In Christ,                                                                                                Kiara.                                                                                                    P.S. I actually wrote a guest post on Joyfullyyou that's called Bible verses that encouraged me in difficult times . It's similar to this. Feel free to check out their blog it's amazing. Link: Joyfullyyou. WordPress.com.                                                              And I know I'm a few days late but Happy May!!!!